“Ridiculously In Charge”

“Ridiculously In Charge”


I recently read Dr. Henry Cloud’s “Boundaries for Leaders.” In the book, Dr. Cloud establishes the principle that leaders are “ridiculously in charge” of the culture that exists in their teams, departments and organizations. It seems obvious, but I think most leaders, myself included, forget the influence that we have on not just results, but the manner in which we get there. We can set up boundaries for behavior in our sphere of influence on purpose or not. But boundaries will exist either way. A boundary is defined by Dr. Cloud as “a structure that determines what will exist and what will not.”

If someone has a negative attitude on your team, who allows it?

If someone is a “silo” working on the outside of the team, who allows it?

If someone is focused on their own agenda and not the team’s goals, who allows it?

If there is division among the team members, who allows it?

If someone plays the victim, who allows it?

Most will say that these types of circumstances are not OK on their teams, so why do they sometimes exist? Because they are allowed.

Here’s a great reminder from the book: “You will get what you create and what you allow. Your boundaries will define and make that happen as you step up and set them.”

Dr. Cloud offers these questions:

  1. What kind of culture, team, or organization have you created or allowed?
  2. How do you and your team need to be different from what you are?
  3. What does it mean for you to be “ridiculously” in charge?
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