As leaders, sometimes it’s hard get time in your actual office…at your desk. You have meetings that take you down the hall, to a different floor, to a different building, and sometimes to a different city, state, or country. Perhaps you’ve had a day when you had to swing by the office just to grab something only to head out for the next scheduled meeting. Here’s an idea to make sure you are connecting with your team in person even on a fly-by.

I recently watched a leader connect with an entire team on a whirlwind trip though the office after being out for most of the day. It was quick, simple, and the team appreciated it. While doing a loop through the offices, he physically entered each office and said, “I just got here from a meeting and am heading out to my next meeting.  I want to check on on my way through the office. How’s it going?”

With an intro like that, people honored the limited time he had. I witnessed this as he entered an area with about 4 people in it. It took all of about 1 minute. The powerful part was the chatter after he left. The appreciation of his effort, the recognition of his schedule, and the thankfulness for such a leader were all expressed.

What might your next fly-by look like? If you don’t have time to check in with everyone, who needs you to check in? What is the question or comment that will communicate care and interest to your team (How are you? Thank you for your efforts this week. Is there a way I can be supporting you? Anything that needs to be on my radar?)? Being intentional with your team matters, and it communicates how much you value them.

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