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We provide a non-traditional approach to performance management. Instead of forcing change upon people (through processes, programs, systems, etc.), we help each individual become fully engaged in the process.

 We don’t stop there. As you can see from our comprehensive training website, we provide ongoing training resources to keep your team motivated to remain on track even after we have physically left the building. Blogs, videos, podcasts, opt-in emails, and fresh content will keep your team focused.

Our holistic approach to performance management focuses on the whole person, not just their job description. Our training results in culture transformation, measurable performance improvement, and high satisfaction among team members.

Inspiring. Training. Coaching.

RESULTS to expect when implementing our various development processes:

  • A culture of accountability and personal responsibility.
  • Becoming a strategic thinker as well as a strategic planner.
  • Tools for effective goal attainment, enabling people to consistently perform at higher levels.
  • Helps move people from where they are to where they can be – an organization filled with peak performers utilizing more of their potential.

  • Leading by influence instead of leading by title (leadership vs pushership)
  • Coaching the best out of people (biggest difference between mediocre coaches and great coaches).
  • Prepares people to take risks, make better decisions and solve problems.
  • Helps leaders learn how to capture and gain positive momentum
  • Individual Plan of Action/Coach’s Development Plan/Shared Team Vision

We can make an impact on you today!

Our Team

by Christian Del Rosario

Eric Boles

Larry 1

Larry Hultz

Vice President - Inspiring clients to equip their people
diane 1

Diane Vaccaro

Project Manager - Inspiring clients to maximize their growth.

Christy Beyer

Project Manager - Inspiring clients to achieve common vision

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