Back to School

Back to School

So it’s pretty much Fall. School now rules the calendar and the clock. A new wake up time. A new bedtime (or lack there of if you have older students with piles and piles of homework). Back-To-School nights. Sport information nights. Clubs. Dances. PTA/PTO/VPO (if you don’t know what those are, you just saved yourself a ton of time). Fundraisers (please no more chocolate bars, magazines, and wrapping paper!).

As everything begins to kick into gear, it impacts those of us who live with students.

Once we finish our schooling, our summers look just like our falls, winters, and springs, unless you are a teacher – for whom I am eternally thankful. It’s easy to find our rhythm and play the same tune every day.

Perhaps its time for a new song – a new schedule – for us. Have you put the important dates on your calendar so you don’t forget? (Like the time my carpool tried to drop off my daughter on the minimum day I had not put on the calendar and, therefore, was nowhere near home. The list could go on.) Those came home to you somewhere in the endless pile of forms to be signed and filled out. I’ve added them all. End of Quarter days so I can remind them. Back-To-School nights to meet teachers (because lo these many years later, its not about learning what Math book they will be using and homework procedures. It’s about support and relationships). Knowing their holidays helps me plan family holidays and troubleshoot the ever-moving Veteran’s holiday in November.

Have you set aside time for family now that school is going to take over life? When school starts up, usually the job doesn’t suffer. Sanity within the family does. Let’s be intentional. Let’s not let school rule over us. Let’s take charge and make choices proactively, not reactively.

Happy Back-To-School. Let’s do it right.

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