Cast Vision for the New Year

Cast Vision for the New Year

I recently gathered my team together on a phone call. We are spread out over 3 western states and so a regular phone call with all of us is a good way to stay connected as a team. The calls happen regularly, but this one was the first of the new year. We start the same way each time: Diane leads us through a time of sharing our wins from the past month and the goals we have of the upcoming month. By starting with something personal like this we are able to celebrate together, rally around each other, and hear what each person considers important. And, if we are bringing our A-game, we can notice where we might offer to help each other out.

Usually we align around the calendar and clients, determine next steps, and talk some strategy. But this call…at the first of the year…I try and do something a little different but something I think is very important. I set a vision for the year. I shared with the team where I want us to focus, where I think we should be growing, and how I believe we can collectively move in the right direction.

One of the things I shared was around the word elegant. As a science term it means pleasingly ingenious and simple. As an engineering term it’s where effectiveness and functionality meet perfectly. My goal for my team this year, and for our company, is that we will find ourselves to be elegant. Our effectiveness and functionality will fit perfectly so that we can offer the best to our clients; our ingenious yet simple changes will maximize who we are as a company.

It took a little less than 2 hours. That’s it. It may seem like a long time for some, but considering there are 1920 working hours in the year, give or take a vacation week, I think its 2 hours well spent. Gathering your team to connect and to be inspired is a powerful thing and helps create a positive team culture.

So, how will you inspire your team? How will you inspire those you lead? Will it be with a word? Will it be an image, a video, a story? Whatever it is, make sure it inspires you first…because you’re the leader and the team needs someone to lead the way.

Live and Lead Inspired.

Happy New Year!


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