I had the opportunity a couple of months ago to step out on my own and do a presentation. I always present with Eric, but this was something that came out of a conference I attended locally…a chance to talk to a team about how personal and corporate values connect. I prepared, talked with Eric, prepared some more, and talked with Eric some more. I was ready.

I did fine.

So here’s the thing. I’m not satisfied with “fine.” I want more. I can make excuses why “fine” was good enough, but isn’t there something about good getting in the way for great? I want great. Here are the steps I’m taking to get there.

  1. Don’t make a list of the things I did wrong.
  2. Make a list of a couple things I can improve on next time. (Note the subtle difference from #1. I’m going to shape it in a positive light, not negative.)
  3. Commit to some action steps for the items on my list. As much as I love lists…and I do love them…they really have no value unless they help me accomplish something. So, I’m going to decide what actions I need to take to improve. Will I read a book on a specific topic? Listen to some podcasts? Schedule some conversations with people I can glean expertise from?
  4. Be ready for the next opportunity, because I want it to be back in the game. My chance will come because I’m looking for it.

In our company, missing the mark is an indicator of growth opportunity, not inadequacy. My boss isn’t looking for perfection, but progress. What a relief. I don’t have it in me to be perfect, but I do have the drive to improve.

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