Fire Up Your Passion

Fire Up Your Passion

By Eric Boles

As a leader, its easy to get drained and lose steam as you lead your team. Clients and a full schedule can leave me burned out after a while.  As I find myself being emptied of energy and passion, I have less and less to pour out into others. The only remedy is to fire my passion back up.

This past month was just that for me. I spent a week in Waxahachie, Texas. My good buddy, Jon Kitna, is the coach of the local high school football team, and I had the privilege to speak to the team each afternoon about leadership and identity. I went to give, to serve. In the end, it was clear to me that I had done far more receiving than giving. This group of exceptional young men fanned the flame of passion in me each day.

When I have the opportunity to teach young men about what their true identity is (and it isn’t being a football player) and remind them of the responsibility and power they have as young men and leaders on their campus and in their families, it impacts me differently than a room of corporate managers and executives. Its the chance to pour into young men before they have finished laying the foundations of who they THINK they are.  Beginning now, the stories they tell about who they are and what they can become matter. It’s so important for them to understand the power of their own words about themselves and to understand that they can control that message. They can dream and believe that they can be more, releasing more of the potential that already exists inside of them. They are hungry, like so many of us, to believe that the best is still ahead.

I was working together with the coaches to help grow young men, and we were using football to do it.

I returned home filled up and ready to let my passion drive how I lead. I went and gave encouragement and instilled passion for unleashing potential, and I received those same things in return tenfold.

What will you do to fan the flame of your passion? It matters to those you lead that you do.

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