Keep Your Goals Before You

Keep Your Goals Before You

We are two months into the new year. By now your goal attainment should have picked up some momentum. You have created some new habits or breathed new life into some old ones. You have been purposeful about keeping those goals before you. Meaning, you have written them down and they are kept in a place that lets you see them every day. You learned a new skill to help attain the goal, you networked, you tried new things. You may have even checked a few goals off. You met them sooner than you thought. It’s amazing how being purposeful can get things accomplished faster than imagined. Feels good, doesn’t it? You set goals that pushed your limits and potential and are realizing that you are capable of more. Well done!

Have you also noticed how this momentum carries over into other areas of your life? Success in one area of our life, be it work or personal or spiritual or fitness, reminds us that we can believe success is possible in other areas as well.

There are some others of you who are working on your goals and not seeing results yet. You are grinding away, creating the habits necessary to meet your goals but the progress feels slow…or nonexistent. You are dealign with real life. Not every effort brings with it great reward. Hang in there! The reward will come. During this process, keep a Win Journal. At the end of each day capture the wins of the day. By doing this, you can be mindful of the little things that are happening.

Now, some reading this may be realizing that the goal-train never even left the station. You didn’t write your goals down. You haven’t kept your goals in front of you; perhaps you’ve forgotten what a couple of them were. You started the year thinking it was going to be different this time…but here you are, 2 months in, and the same thing that happened this year that happened last year. You lost focus. Can any one relate to that?

If that’s you, there is always today. Get started today. Write down your goals as if they’ve already been achieved. Set them before you and read them every day. Go back to the beginning of this email and reread the first two paragraphs. Set your mind on those things that bring success, not the opposite. When goals are met, make new ones. Ride the momentum into the next goals, and the next, and the next. Push your potential to do more, be more. You can do hard things.

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