Lead With Purpose

The Lead with Purpose (LWP) leadership development process has been shared with thousands of people and has see proven results in virtually every area that demands leadership.


It is our goal to empower leaders with simple yet powerful concepts and tools to grow as a leader and make positive changes. These changes will impact leaders personally as well as their team and the organization as a whole.


Believing that leadership is the ability to positively influence and add value to the lives of others, LWP is one key to enduring that leaders have the tools to move toward this goal.


LWP is divided into 2 courses, Life Below the Water and Life Above the Waterline, and is a natural next step to follow the Moving To Great program. It can also be delivered on its own.


“Thank you for your work with our store managers and merchandisers, helping them move to great and now lead with purpose. You have uniquely inspired us to spend our days as good finders, focusing on discovering the remarkable things that make us great, while celebrating and highlighting our successes so they can multiply.”