Mistake: Results over Relationship

Mistake: Results over Relationship

For new leaders, a common mistake made is focusing on results over relationships. I did not say instead of relationships because most know it is a both/and world. The challenge is, with the rising pressure/stresses of getting things done, results take precedent.  But, as a leader, much more can be achieved by building relationships while driving for results. This is common sense but not common practice. We save building relationships for off-sites, quarterly meetings, etc., instead making it as fundamental as problem solving.

Try: Tell me what you see? What do you think? What do you think about this idea? Thank you for your efforts today! Appreciate you! 

These simple questions and practices help leaders enhance relationships in the process of getting results. More importantly, they are able to achieve greater results because of relationships. There is another great benefit as well, results fade but the impact relationships last a lifetime. 

How are you doing at focusing on relationships as well as results?

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