Moving To Great

We face change everyday in both our personal and professional lives. Change takes many forms. It may be from team member to team leader. It may mean trading a comfortable schedule for days loaded with extra duties. It may be a shift from depending on others to being truly independent for the first time. It may be adjusting to new trends in the marketplace.


The Game Changers, Inc. wants to provide the skills needed to triumph during times of change. Learning to utilize your knowledge and talent, forming positive habits, and becoming the most effective person you can be is what the Moving To Great (MTG) program will help you accomplish.


The concepts presented in MTG have been shared with more than two and a half million people throughout the world. By applying MTG skills to your organization, you will build a workforce that is focused, working effectively, and producing greater results…in less time…that you believed possible.

Real Change. Real Results.


“Your Moving To Great program helped us collapse time in setting Aviva on a new cultural course. We are getting measurably better results, internally and in the marketplace, than we ever imagined!”


We look forward to bringing our program to your organization. With the potential for corporate licensing of our material and training your people as facilitators, you can make MTG part of the DNA of your organization and keep the momentum moving forward at a faster pace.


“I was at my desk the other week and as somebody walked past I was asked ‘I bet you’re looking forward to getting back to Business as Usual?’ My comment was simply – ‘This is my business as usual now – maybe not facilitating MTG, but living it daily’.”


“This event stood out as being very different.  I was raving about it to my wife last night and telling all of my colleagues about it today.  It was one of the few times that I found myself frantically taking notes (and re-reading those notes afterwards).”