Reflection Encourages Wisdom

Reflection Encourages Wisdom

An excerpt from “Moving To Great”:

In order to exercise better control of your life, you must know who you really are and what you really want. It is necessary ask yourself questions that you normally wouldn’t ask.

Growing up, my father taught me not to confuse experience with wisdom. He advised that many people don’t grow from their experiences, but rather they become bitter and resentful. My father counseled that wisdom is a result of reflection upon your experience.

Here are some questions that will give you the opportunity to reflect and invest some wisdom into your future to improve your life.

  1. Who are you? List 10-12 descriptive qualities about yourself.
  2. Which of the qualities you listed do you like the most?
  3. What attitude, habits, or traits would you want to change about yourself?
  4. Who is the one person (living or dead) that you like the most and why? What is it about her or him that you admire?
  5. Who is the happiest person you know? How does this person influence you?
  6. When were you the happiest to be alive? What were you doing and where? Who were you with?

What wisdom did you gain by these reflections? How does this practice help you imagine yourself and your future differently?

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