Servant Leadership

by Diane Vaccaro

Servant Leadership

Leadership is influence. Your ability to positively influence people by adding value to their lives is important if you are to influence beyond your title. See, there is a difference between people doing what you told them to do and people who are actively engaged in their work giving their very best.

We, at The Game Changers, Inc., believe that the best leaders are servant leaders. It requires very intentional work to lead well and help others thrive – to influence them towards greatness. If you want to effectively influence people, serve them.

Don’t confuse serving others with doing their work. When we serve well, it means we are working to help them succeed. We make time. We check in. We encourage. We work to supply tools and skills to help them grow. We care about their goals. We do not view them as people who help us succeed. We view them as success stories in their own right who we are fortunate enough to lead and guide into further greatness.

As a leader, continually ask yourself these three questions:

  • How can I best serve in this moment?
  • How can I help others address their highest priority needs and grow as a person?
  • How can I best serve the needs of the organization?

When you are motivated from this place, sit back and watch your influence grow. This premise, when fully embraced, fosters trust, collaboration, synergy, people development and a visionary mindset. It offers new ways to encourage the growth of people and capitalize on the knowledge and wisdom of all, not just those in positional leadership roles.

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