Moving to Great

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Moving To Great (MTG) is a unique people development process designed to help organizations maximize their most important asset: their people. Before organizations can reach new levels, your people need to change and grow. MTG empowers people to break through their mental and self-imposed limitations and perform at new and higher levels in all areas of their life.

The success of MTG will be evident as each participant develops the ability to:

  • Accept new ideas, embrace accelerated change more rapidly and create a climate for achievement
  • Overcome complacency and achieve greater levels of success
  • displace non-productive attitudes, habits and believes and effectively utilize more personal potential
  • Approach life’s challenges with an “I want to” attitude (instead of “I have to:”)
  • Accept personal responsibility and more effective self-manage
  • “Coach” oneself and become more self-motivated
  • Overcome fear of failure (and fear of success) and become more confident
  • Take risks, make better decisions and solve problems more effectively
  • Motivate oneself and others with dignity
  • Set and achieve more goals in line with organizational values
  • High impact is achieved in an organization when ownership of values is passed to every level. We can train your people to bring MTG to your company.

Winning organizations are full of thriving employees. Thriving employees are led by purposeful leaders. We will help you integrate the inspiration, principles and skills your teams need from top to bottom.

Keynote topic include:

  • Leading Change in the New Reality
  • Moving to Great
  • More Than Winning
  • Fearless Leadership
  • Lead With Purpose
  • Running Around the Wedge
  • Courageous Selling

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We’ve done it for these top clients and we will do it for you!