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Lead with Purpose (LWP) is a leadership development process that focuses on the human side of leadership and what is necessary to achieve sustainable long term results from those you lead and influence. This program helps discover the “Why” for leading and develop the “How” to lead.

By applying the leadership fundamentals found in LWP, participants will achieve increased levels of success and productivity by:

Building trust through personal integrity

Influencing others by adding values to their lives

Being more Authentic, Vulnerable, Present, Courageous and Responsible

Identifying and solving problems – and preventing their recurrence

Truly serving others and the organization

Prioritizing (working smarter, not harder)

developing future successors

Challenging, Coaching, and Inspiring towards results

Defining and Articulating a compelling vision for you team

LWP focuses on tow areas that make up the life of the leader:

Life Below The Waterline speaks to the heart of a leader and focuses on character

Life Above The Waterline addresses the mind of the leader, developing the strategies and methods of leadership.

High impact is achieved when leadership values are owned by a company. We can train your people to bring LWP to every leader in your company.

Winning organizations are full of thriving employees. Thriving employees are led by purposeful leaders. We will help you integrate the inspiration, principles and skills your teams need from top to bottom.

Keynote topic include:

  • Leading Change in the New Reality
  • Moving to Great
  • More Than Winning
  • Fearless Leadership
  • Lead With Purpose
  • Running Around the Wedge
  • Courageous Selling

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