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The word “authentic” conjures up all sorts of ideas and pictures. What does authenticity really look like? It is being real, the same person in every circumstance. Authentic people live consistently in alignment with what they believe – whatever they believe; they have congruency. It includes being a person of integrity. According to Webster, integrity is: “the state of being complete, unified.” When one has integrity, their words and their deeds match up.

It includes being a person defined by our values. We have thought about, understand and can articulate what is really important to us. And beyond that, our actions and decisions consistently reflect our values. Ideally it includes being a person of the highest ethical standards. We personally hold ourselves accountable to only doing what is honest and fair. We only do things that have, after thoughtful analysis, the very best possible outcome for all involved. It allows room for other people to be authentic. Authentic people aren’t trying to persuade or manipulate others to “their side”, rather, they are comfortable with who they are and are not threatened by others with differing opinions and views. You can be an authentically dishonest and cantankerous individual. We are not shooting for perfection, however, we do want to raise the bar.

Why is authenticity important to your business?
It is important because it allows you to become trustworthy to others. If people don’t believe the messenger they will not believe the message. You will not be effective long term and create an honorable legacy without it.