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Being present is the conscious act of being fully engaged, focused and attentive, one person at a time. It is giving each person your undivided attention in a truly thoughtful and meaningful way. This is a skill; make no mistake about it. However, when you master this skill you make significant progress in your ability to positively influence and lead others. There is no higher acknowledgment or act that says, “you are important to me” than being present. It is very esteeming for the people who are receiving your attention. When it is “authentic” it is powerful in garnering your people’s trust. Being present will challenge you on many levels; however, it’s worth the investment! Being present takes time, but not as you may traditionally think. A skilled, focused and authentic 60-second interaction of “being present” can reap rewards exponentially greater than your investment. Is there any better investment than in your people? Is there any better investment than garnering the respect and appreciation of those you influence?

Why is being present important to your business?
When you are present, as a leader, your ability to influence people increases exponentially because it says – more than anything else – that you care! And as Dale Carnegie aptly quoted: People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.